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Should I Get My Dog, Buster Vaccinated? | Random Rants #173 with Pauly Shore

about 20 days ago

Yoo brozzz, it's time for a new Random Rants. What do you guys think? Should I get Buster Vaccinated? See for privacy information.

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Im Back! | Pauly Shores Random Rants #162


Episode 162. Yo brozz, Random Rants is back old school style. I'm ranting about sexy Chayce Beckham on American Idol and moving to Las Vegas. Did you know there's a Whole Foods here? Plus, shout out to The Comedy Store and the comedy greats who have passed away recently (Paul...
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Meet Buster Shore | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #161


Episode 161. Ho ho ho, brozzzz. It's the last episode of 2020. I'm ranting from Las Vegas with the crusty crew and special guest Bill "Little Larry David" Degillio. The vaccine is really here, you guys! I met a puppy in Miami and adopted him. Meet Buster Shore! Plus, we're...
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The Vaccine Has Arrived | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #160


Yo brozz, I'm ranting from Vegas with the crusty crew. The vaccine is here and William Shakespeare was one of the first patients! All the simple things in life we took for granted got taken by the pandemic. The shutdowns are rough, brozz. Plus, how to approach famous people and...
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The Holiday Season | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #159


Yo brozzz, I'm ranting from Las Vegas with the crusty crew. We talk about social distancing at comedy clubs (I'm in Miami tonight, Friday and Saturday: Plus, the homeless situation and being compassionate. Who do you think about during the holidays? Let go of your grudges and try reaching...
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Gobble Gobble Doodzzz | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #158


Yo brozz, I'm back in Las Vegas with the crusty crew, including some new faces. We talk about the election and our new president-elect, Joe Biden. Have a small Thanksgiving because of COVID, doodzz. Stay safe for the holidays. Plus, I'm back on the road. See me in Salt Lake...
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Mike Binder: The Comedy Store Documentary Director | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #157


Episode 157. Yo brozz, I'm ranting from All Things Comedy studio in LA with writer, producer and director Mike Binder. He directed "The Comedy Store" on Showtime. We talk about filming the documentary, new comics he met during the process and his memories of performing there.Thanks to Helix Sleep for...
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Yes, It's Really Bill Burr | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #156


Episode 156. Yo brozz, I'm still ranting from All Things Comedy studio with the great Bill Burr (yes, it's really him) and Bill "Baby Larry David" Degillio. We talk about him watching me on MTV back in the day and recently hosting Saturday Night Live. Plus, pushing the envelope, Boston...
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Roast Master General, Jeff Ross | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #155


Episode 155. Yo brozz, I'm in LA at All Things Comedy studio, ranting with Bill "Baby Larry David" Degillio and my friend, comedian Jeff Ross. We talk about roasting, his Roast Master General title and Bumping Mics with David Attell. Plus, The Comedy Store documentary and celebrity friend stories. I...
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Annie Lederman: The Next Big Thang! | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #154


Episode 154. Yo brozz, I'm back in LA ranting from All Things Comedy studio with Bill "Little Larry David" Degillio, comedian Annie Lederman and Randy the dog. We talk about her career being on the up, dick pics, performing yet during COVID and The Comedy Store.Check out "The Comedy Store"...
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Going Back To Cali | Pauly Shore's Random Rants #153


Episode 153. Yo brozz, I'm ranting from Vegas with the crusty crew. We talk about Bok Choy's crusty Uber rides and performing in Dallas. Plus, my obsession with Asians and thinking about retirement. I also tell you about Showtime's "The Comedy Store" documentary (Sundays at 10pmET/PT) and my plans in...
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