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177: Award Season Swan

about 8 days ago

Evan returns with a Hollywood makeover. Gareth tells of his new romantic relationship.

Other Episodes

176: Breaking News!


Evan reports live updates from the Michael Cohen sentencing as it happens! Gareth shares a personal update of his own.
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175: We Need a Sully


Evan introduces a PvP Mascot. Gareth is concerned about Evan’s holiday weight.
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174: Replacing Baldwin


Evan throws his hat in the ring. Gareth is sick of the misogyny.
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173: Butch Radkins


Gareth returns from his coma. Evan supports a candidate.
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172: Replacing Gareth


Evan is thrilled to have news buff Dr. Anthony Shmarza replace Gareth. #MyOwnSemen
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171: Shmarza After Death


When Evan’s #1 guest Dr. Anthony Shmarza returns after an OC, Gareth wants a TO from news for an explanation.
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170: Brain Cakes


Evan tries a Shlurk product before Gareth’s big meeting.
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169: Kid Rambo


Gareth remembers 9/11 and is appalled by Evan’s lack of patriotism.
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168: Palm Slap


Captain Mann takes us to Newsville. Gareth announces a Shlurk Spokesman.
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167: Tell Me How My Ass Taste


Evan has a new channel and Gareth has a new song.
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