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224: Venting!

12 months ago

Gareth hijacks the PvP feed and Evan makes the most of it!

Other Episodes

223: Special Report: Royal Special!


Evan and Gareth do a special episode looking back at the Royal Funeral Services of Prince Phillip.
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222: Shmarza down


Gareth has a big update on his Capitol vent situation.
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221: Venties!


Gareth is still stuck in the vent at the Capitol. But he's no longer alone. Dr. Shmarza has joined him. Meanwhile, as always, Evan just wants to do the news.
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220: Impeachment!


Gareth is still stuck in a vent at the Capitol. Evan isn't really that concerned about it.
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219: Gareth Has An Announcement


Gareth has something he wants to say. Evan would much rather just do the news.
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218: Insurrection!


Evan and Gareth attempt to bring the type of seriousness and gravitas required for a news week like this.
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217: Friends


Evan struggles to deal with his new living situation while also discussing his new career ambition. Gareth plays peacemaker between Evan and they're new roomie Skull.
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PVP: 216 V.S.P.V.P.S.R.E.S


Evan has an unwanted guest. Gareth is an unwanted guest.
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215: Another Very Special Point vs Point Special Report Election Special


Gareth brings on disgraced/fake attorney Dan Govandi to help with his "legal" battle.
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214: A Very Special Point vs. Point Special Report Election Special!


Dr. Shmarza joins us as we dive, nips first, into the 2020 election!
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