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153: A Rich Dad

10 months ago

Evan gets a surprising phone call from Gareth. 

Other Episodes

A Message from Evan


Evan has a brief message for the fans. 
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152: Mystery Man


Evan's doin' his thang. Gareth gets mayoral mail.
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151: Public Persona


Private Evan doesn’t want to become the news. Mayor Gareth Reynolds has some epic announcements for the citizens of the sewer. #MayorFavorite 
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150: This is a News Show


Evan gets schwag bags and Gareth has a big, big idea, so get ready. #MayorOfTheSewer
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149: Mr. Mayor


Mr. Mayor Gareth Reynolds has some big ideas for the sewer economy. Evan gets a nickname. #Mayor #ConstituentFavorite 
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148: Mayoral Sewer Election 


When the Sewer Mayor polls close, Evan and Gareth deliver the news while awaiting the election results.
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147: Jimmy Olalolan


Evan & Gareth plan Sewer Mayor Election Day. Chippie’s lookin' in the mirror. 
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146: A Guy Named Chippie


Evan wants an empire. Gareth’s campaign continues.
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145: Shots Fired


Evan thanks The Ball Heads for The Biggest Hashtag of 2018. Gareth approves a message to the sewer.
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144: Meatball & Chill


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