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159: Shocking Confession

11 months ago

Gareth confesses to a lie that Evan totally believed! Dan Govandi puts on his lawyer hat. 

Other Episodes

158: PvPgate & Peak Pageantry 


Evan gives pageantry credit where credit is due. Gareth spies on a spy.
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157: Who's Beth?


Gareth goes for a new part and phones a friend. Little Beth learns that names matter.
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156: A New Look


Evan reports, and Gareth gets a change-up on his look. #DigitalSpace
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155: A to Zed


Gareth's heart goes out to the family. Evan celebrates a new royal. 
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154: Garçon


Evan wants a Special Counsel. Gareth pitches and invests. 
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153: A Rich Dad


Evan gets a surprising phone call from Gareth. 
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A Message from Evan


Evan has a brief message for the fans. 
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152: Mystery Man


Evan's doin' his thang. Gareth gets mayoral mail.
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151: Public Persona


Private Evan doesn’t want to become the news. Mayor Gareth Reynolds has some epic announcements for the citizens of the sewer. #MayorFavorite 
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150: This is a News Show


Evan gets schwag bags and Gareth has a big, big idea, so get ready. #MayorOfTheSewer
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