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Episode 27: Drugs

8 months ago

The third part in the Adams trilogy (follow-up to the previous episode, which in itself was a follow-up to the episode before that), Brent interviews former drug dealer-turned-screenwriter, George Powell, about the business of selling cocaine and how his life completely changed in prison through writing. With Laura Weinbach.

Other Episodes

Episode 16: Photography


Brent interviews Joel Flora, a glamour photographer who worked for Playboy for 10 years. With Donny Divanian.
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Episode 15: Internet Spam


Brent interviews Joseph, a former adult website spammer, about posing with fake profiles and interacting with strangers in online chatrooms. With Donny Divanian.
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Episode 14: Coffee


Brent interviews a coffee industry professional named Kelly Contessa about the process of roasting and brewing. With Donny Divanian.
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Episode 13: Education


Brent interviews a high school teacher, James, about working with teenagers. With guest sidekick, Andrew Michaan.
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Episode 12: Pediatrics


Brent interviews a pediatrician, Dr. A, about childrens' health. With Donny Divanian.
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Episode 11: Fire


Brent interviews a fireman named Victor about the challenges and rewards of working with fire.
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Episode 10: Food


Brent interviews Chef Jeff Lustre of the restaurant Demitasse about experimenting with foods and creating innovative dishes.
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Episode 9: Nannying


Brent interviews a nanny named Victoria about the trials of taking care of other people's children.
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Episode 8: Dead Bodies


Brent interviews a mortician named Elizabeth about working with dead bodies.
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Episode 7: Criminal Law


Brent interviews a public defender named Kate about criminology, morality, and the court system.
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