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S7 Ep2 Jenny Feterovich (Russian 5 Documentary) and Nate Craig

about 5 days ago

Joe, Frazer, Andy and Nate talk Penguins, Kings, The Russian 5 Documentary and of course, some awards.

Other Episodes

S6 EP44 NHL Top Wingers, GM Fan Poll, Joe's Summer Grades


Frazer, Joe and Andy talk NHL Network's Top Wingers, The Athletic's GM Fan Poll, and Joe's PHN's Summer Grades
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S6 EP43 - Sid, Shattenkirk, & Controversial Mt. Rushmores


Frazer, Joe, and Andy talk about Crosby, Shattenkirk, and lay out some Controversial Mount Rushmores.
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S6 Ep 42 Kunitz, Vasilevskiy and more Rushmores


Frazer, Joe, and Andy talk Kunitz retirement, Vasilevskiy's deal, and more Mt Rushmores
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S6 Ep41 Original Rushmores


Frazer, Joe and Andy discuss the Lucic/ Neal trade and all of the recent NHL news. They also put together some unique Mt Rushmores
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S6 Ep 40 More Mt. Rushmores + Frances, Dad, & Marner


Frazer, Joe, and Andy discuss Francis in Seattle, Marner drama, and Cullen retires. They also finish their Mount Rushmores for each franchise.
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S6 Ep39 Mt. Rushmores


Frazer, Joe, and Andy pick a Mt. Rushmore for every NHL franchise. They also discuss the latest NHL news.
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S6 Ep 38 Free Agent Frenzy + Big Trades


Frazer, Joe, and Andy discuss all of this week's crazy happenings
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S6 Ep 37 w/ Geordie Day, Andy Picarro, and Earl Skakel


Summer programming is in full swing as the guys are joined by Geordie Day from the Bob Probert movie "Tough Guy"
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S6 Ep 36 with Andy Picarro


The guys wrap up the Stanley Cup playoffs and season. Plus NHL Awards and offseason news.
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S6 Ep 35 Game 7!


Andy Picarro and Earl Skakel join Frazer and Joe in the studio to talk about everything game 7
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