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S6 Ep 9

6 months ago

Frazer and Joe talk Penguins, Maple Leafs, Ryan Reaves and Tom Wilson.

Other Episodes

S6 Ep8


Frazer and Joe discuss the Penguins resurgence , Sabres winning streak, Flyers front office moves and hand out their awards
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S6 Ep 7 Turkey Bonus


Frazer and Joe talk #penguins, problems, #oilers, blues, coaching changes and hand out the awards
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S6 Ep6 With Howard Shapiro


Frazer and Joe talk #Penguins, #Kings, #trades, #RedWings, #Sabres, #Leafs and #TerribleTommy. Check out Howard Shapiro's book, Kate’s Really Good At Hockey available now!
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S6 Ep5 with Andy Picarro


With Frazer in Las Vegas, Joe In New York and Andy in Studio, the guys come together to discuss Penguins, Blackhawks, Kings and all NHL news.
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S6 Ep4 Frazer and Joe are back in LA!


Frazer and Joe talk Penguins, Kings, Ducks, Leafs and everyone else in the NHL. Plus they give out some awards!
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S6 Ep 3 Live from the ATC Festival!


*WARNING - EXPLICIT LANGUAGE* Frazer and Joe are joined by Brenton Biddlecombe, Joe Gonzalez, and Eddie Pepitone for a live show at the ATC Comedy Festival in Phoenix, AZ.
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S6 Ep2 with John Moses


Frazer and Joe discuss the events of the week in hockey and give out awards. They are also joined by phone by John Moses of the new podcast Fight Stories to talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs and more.
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S6 Ep1 with Dominic Boudreau


Fazer and Joe celebrate the beginning of season 6 with Dominic Boudreau.
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S5 Ep 52 Pacific Division Preview


Frazer and Joe preview the Pacific Division and discuss Terrible Tommy
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S5 EP51 Central Division Preview with David Bastl


Frazer and Joe preview The Central Division with David Bastl from The Mike Richards Show!
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