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S6 Ep20 Trade Deadlines

4 months ago

Joe and Frazer discuss NHL trade deadlines and Joe vents about a stadium debacle

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S6 Ep 19 NHL Potpourri


Joe calls Frazer from New York to discuss trade deadlines, and general NHL news
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S6 Ep 18 with Alex Pavone and super special guest Darren McCarty


Alex joins Joe in Burbank, Frazer and 4-time Stanley Cup Champ Darren McCarty call in from Detroit (pardon technical difficulties)
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S6 Ep 17


Frazer and Joe talk Auston Matthews deal, Penguins/Panthers trade and Flyers resurgence
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S6 EP 16 with Andy Picarro from Unhealthy Scratch


Frazer, Joe, and Andy talk Muzzin trade, Penguins, and all NHL trade rumors
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S6 Ep15 with Ian Bagg (adult language)


Ian Bagg spins gold
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S6 Ep 14 Outlandish Awards This Week


Frazer and Joe talk about #Penguins #Oilers #RedWings #Bruins #Jets and more
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S6 Ep13 All Starts


Frazer and Joe talk Penguins, who's in the playoffs at the halfway point and hand out the awards.
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S6 Ep 12


Dave Bastl from 960 Sauga calls to talk about the NHL
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S6 Ep 12 with Dave Bastl from 960 Sauga


Dave Bastl from 960 Sauga calls to talk about the NHL
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S6 Ep11 - Joe comes off IR


Frazer and Joe talk Penguins , Flyers , Red Wings, Lightning Jets Ducks and Kings
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