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Godfrey: Riffin With Griffin, Systematic Misogyny , Covid-19 and more.

about 7 days ago

Chicago's own, Godfrey comes on the podcast and has a fun insightful discussion. Make sure to check out "IN GODFREY WE TRUST "PODCAST 9:30 ish pm ET TUESDAYS/FRIDAYS ON THE GASDIGITALNETWORK


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Ron Funches: Fun Times Riffin With Griffin


Ron Funches actor, comedian, voice over actor, podcast host of the Gettin Better show, and most importantly father and friend. Ron was on Bob's Burger, Undateable on NBC, and my personal favorite Harly Quinn where he voices King Shark. Ron and I do some fun light Riffin With GriffinRon Funcheshttps://ronfunches.com
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Tony Baker: Movie Talk and Origin Story, Riffin With Griffin


My friend and funny man Tony Baker comes on the show and does some fun Riffin With Griffin about his origin story and his love for comic book movies. Tony is a must follow on instagram, you will laugh your ass off!Tony Bakerhttps://www.tonybakercomedy.com Griffin Gaming WITH GRIFFINPO BOX 34399Los...
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Aisha Alfa: Riffin With Griffin, Being Mixed in America, 'All The Parts'


Aisha Alfa, comedian, actor and host, comes on to discuss her new Album, 'All The Parts'. available on most audio platforms. Aisha and I have a very frank discussion about race and how it effected our upbringing and a host of other very topical issues.Aisha Alphahttp://www.aishaalfa.com THE PARTS Griffin Gaming...
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Matt D'Elia Part2: Riffin With Griffin, Movie Talk


Matt is BACK! Director, Actor, Podcaster and most importantly my friend. Matt comes on and we yap about Chris D'Elia's special, and some intense movie Talk. Matt D'Eliahttps://www.mattdelia.com Griffinhttp://www.erikgriffin.com WITH GRIFFINPO BOX 34399Los Angeles, CA 90034
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Ryan Hollins: Riffin With Griffin, NBA, Last Dance, Competitive Nature


Ryan Hollins is an American former professional basketball player. He played college basketball for the UCLA Bruins. He was a 7-foot center who was a journeyman in the National Basketball Association, playing for nine teams in 10 seasons. He played briefly in Europe before ending his career. You can see...
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Donnell Rawlings: Riffin With Griffin I'm Home Biaaatch!


Donnell Rawlings is a Comedian, Actor, Podcast Host, and all around good guy! Donnell's is most notable for frequently appearing on the Chappelle's Show and hosting the third season along with Charlie Murphy. His catchphrase on the show was "I'm rich, biaaaaatch!" as well as frequently adding "Son!" at the...
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Clive Standen: Riffin With Griffin, The British Captain America


Clive Standen is a British actor, he was born on a British Army base in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, and grew up in the East Midlands in England. He went to school at King Edward VII School (Melton Mowbray) followed by a performing arts course at Melton Mowbray College...
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Clark Duke: Riffin With Griffin, Beautiful, Fancy, Man


Clark Duke is an actor, writer, and director best known for Clark and Michael, The Office, Kickass, and Hot Tub Time Machine. Originally from Arkansas, Clark attended film school at Loyola Marymount University. Clark and I were on the Showtime show, I'm Dying Up Here together along with an episode...
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Tom Segura: Riffin With Griffin From His House


Tom Segura is a comedian originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Co-Host of Your Moms House podcast and star of the recently released Netflix comedy special, 'Ball Hog" Tom comes on has a interesting conversation about the state of the world and many other fun topics.Tom Segura Griffinhttp://www.erikgriffin.com WITH GRIFFINPO BOX 34399Los...
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Adam Devine: Riffin With Griffin


Finally got my white whale, no pun intended, Adam the man Devine FaceTimes into the show. Famous for so many things, Workaholics, Righteous Gem Stones, Pitch Perfect, Modern Family and many more. Adam and I have a fun light discussion from Workaholics to the Clippers.Adam Devine Griffinhttp://www.erikgriffin.com WITH GRIFFINPO BOX...
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