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RS: JF Harris

10 months ago

Murray Valeriano interviews JF Harris... But who interviews who???

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Best of: Steele Saunders, Monty Franklin


Give a listen to this classic episode and if you want to donate to the fires in Australia, hit up Monty Franklin on social media.
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Small Pods: Michael Gelbart


Michael Gelbart saves a life!!! #hero
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Small Pods: Ron Placone


Ron Placone discusses getting sick before a show... and probably music.
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RS: Ron Placone


Comedian, music nerd and rager against machines, Ron Placone drops by the studio. We discuss music, news and of course the road.
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RS Michael Gelbart


Michael Gelbart and Murray Valeriano discuss life on the road as a comedian..... But first, they get the important stuff out of the way like Mclean Stevenson's acting career and why the Police couldn't follow The Foo Fighters.
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RS Steve Skrovan


What started out as a Small Pods episode, turned out to be a full length episode! Steve Skrovan discusses writing on Everybody Loves Raymond and the early stand up days of New York... Also, who's the most famous person you've pee'd next to?
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Small Pods: Mazatlan Pt2


Mike Siegel and Murray continue there conversation from a hotel room in Mazatlan!
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Small Pods: Mike Siegel


Live from Mazatlan, Mike Siegel and Murray Valeriano discuss the road gig in the beautiful country of Mexico.
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Small Pods: Bob Golub


Bob stops by to talk about the KKK and prison. Sadly, two different stories.
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RS: Jonathan Solomon, Mike Ivy


Jonathan Solomon and Mike Ivy discuss the days of the New York Improv... and for some reason, try to get Murray to talk about baseball???
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