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Vegas, People Who Spend All Their Money, & A Desperate Man

about 1 year ago

Dan, Mike, and Amber bring Las Vegas, people who spend all of their money, and a desperate man to the Woodshed. Mike mourns the death of the Venice freak show. NASCAR is the best worst person and there are Sandusky truthers.

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Vancouver, Technology, and Chinatown


Dan, Mike, and Amber bring Vancouver, technology, and Chinatown to the Woodshed, Hollywood is this weeks Best/Worst Person, and Bobby Heenan is remembered.
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Snitches, $15 lunches, and Joe Paterno Apologists


This week on Rough Hang: the gang takes snitches, expensive lunches, and Joe Paterno apologists to the Woodshed. Amber asks a very important moral question. Shooting guns at hurricanes is a weird way to go viral. The gangs discusses It and Ted Cruz liking porn.
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Casinos, Project Runway, and Dr. Phil


Dan and Mike talk big gals on Project Runway and Amber pulls a gun on someone. Its a real slobber knocker.
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George R. R. Martin and the Christians


Dan, Mike, and Amber get into everything from how crusty George R. R. Martin is to Amber yelling at Christians on her lawn. Fun times!
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Bottle Service, Tina Fey Outrage, and AT&T


Dan, Mike, and Amber take bottle service, the outrage over Tina Fey, and AT&T to the woodshed, Jon Jones is this weeks Best-Worst Person, and Mike's action figure collection intrigues Amber.
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Hollywood, Jews for Trump, and Lockeroom Lunatics


Dan, Amber, and Mike talk about how Hollywood's gross and King King's racist. They also discuss fucking in public. It's a good time.
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Street Performers, Uber Drivers, and Drunk Bosses


The first episode of Rough Hang!
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