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Episode 119 - Amber Kenny Gets Happier

about 1 year ago

The light at the end of the merry-go-round stops by to tell Sean about working from home (the new "workscape"), comfortable couches, and how to survive a pandemic by pretending you live in the Cineramadome.

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Episode 118 - Patrick Ewing, Reverse Vampires, and the Intimidator 305


Sean takes a trip into the past: a bus ride, staying up all night, an amusement and water park, another amusement and water park, the Champ, the Bounty Hunter, the President, a tram, and deep disappointment in the lobby (?) of a rest stop in South Jersey.
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Episode 117 - Janet Varney Searches (for a Gluten-Free Bakery)


Janet Varney gives Sean some helpful tips about why it's worthwhile to find gluten-free bakeries, the cost of vintage clothing in Copenhagen, and how easy it is to steal a somewhat offensive idea and create Disneyland.
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Episode 116 - Jaime Kurtz Travels


Jamie Kurtz joins Sean (without leaving her home!) to talk about the stress of travel, how a little knowledge of geology can enhance your experience of the Grand Canyon, why it's okay to watch basketball, and most importantly, not focusing on happiness too hard.
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Episode 115 - Dave Holmes Runs Marathons


Dave Holmes tells Sean about dealing with anxiety, running marathons, the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, and the help he gets from two glasses of wine.
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Episode 114 - Stephen Starkweather Acts


Stephen Starkweather tells Sean about leaving the Navy, the FBI, a terrorism think tank, and a firearms company behind, in order to pursue the life of a humble thespian, because that's ultimately what he really wanted to do.
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Episode 113 - Greg Behrendt Hikes 7 Miles (Every Day)


Comedian, musician, and life coach Greg Behrendt schools Sean on the difference between purpose and passion, how to live minus five instead of times ten, and why life is about letting go of the outcome and focussing on the process.
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Episode 112 - Laurie Warren Stresses Perception


Happiness consultant and author Laurie Warren treats Sean to some breathing snacks, tells him how to create new neurocircuitry in the brain, and tries (with little success) to convince him that the TSA is not out to get him personally.
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Episode 111 - Carl Tart Bakes (Pies)


Carl Tart graciously elucidates the wonders of Rotel dip for Sean, sees Tim Allen, plans a Jewish pizza outing, and gets back into the gym.
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Episode 110 - Amy Wilson Parents (And More!)


Amy Wilson talks about having a family, gives tips on how to annoy a pregnant woman at a party, and explains why people from Spain might be happy even if they aren't smiling.
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Episode 109 - Kulap Vilaysack Kickboxes


Kulap Vilaysack extolls the virtues of martial arts, and talks to Sean about artificial Christmas trees, how she sometimes sounds like Kathleen Turner, and what it's like to clean out a horse hoof in Arizona.
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