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Episode 115 - Dave Holmes Runs Marathons

2 months ago

Dave Holmes tells Sean about dealing with anxiety, running marathons, the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, and the help he gets from two glasses of wine.

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Episode 114 - Stephen Starkweather Acts


Stephen Starkweather tells Sean about leaving the Navy, the FBI, a terrorism think tank, and a firearms company behind, in order to pursue the life of a humble thespian, because that's ultimately what he really wanted to do.
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Episode 113 - Greg Behrendt Hikes 7 Miles (Every Day)


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Episode 111 - Carl Tart Bakes (Pies)


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Episode 107 - Danielle Schneider's Glass is Full


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Episode 106 - Rajshree Patel Breathes


Rajshree Patel breaks down the concept of mindfulness, and how much more useful the idea is as an adjective than as a noun. She makes Sean wonder why he doesn't have a headboard on his bed right now, and delves into the powers of using breath as an exercise (like...
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Episode 105 - Jon Gabrus Reads (On Monday Nights)


Jon Gabrus explains Alexa's misconception that he is an ardent fan of Led Zeppelin (especially The Immigrant Song), and tells Sean why running two miles makes him feel like an Olympic athlete.
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