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Adrenaline Addiction

over 2 years ago

This week, the girls do a deep dive into the topic of adrenaline addiction. They discuss the symptoms of it, where adrenaline addiction starts for many people, its relation to workaholism, how to manage it, and much more. Join the Patreon for bonus episodes & prizes, and to start your free wedding website and also get $50 off your registry, go to!

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This week, the girls cover one of the most requested topics for the podcast: depression. They discuss the different types of depression, the various symptoms they've experienced, their results from trying anti-depressants versus natural remedies, and much more. Join the Patreon for bonus episodes & prizes, and enjoy amazing therapy...
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2019 Resolutions


This week, the girls reflect on what major changes occurred in their lives over the past year and share their 2019 resolutions both personally and professionally! Thanks to Care/of for supporting Self-Helpless. For 50% off your first month of personalized care/of vitamins, visit and enter promo code helpless50. Also...
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Having Kids


This week, the girls talk extensively about the pros and cons of having kids versus not having kids, having kids at a younger age versus an older age, adopting, fertility, societal pressure, and much more! Join the Patreon for bonus episodes & prizes, and to start your free wedding website...
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Surviving Cancer


This week, the girls are joined by amazing comedian and breast cancer survivor, Sofiya Alexandra! She talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer, going through chemotherapy, and kicking cancer's ass. Thanks to Myro and to Hourglass Cosmetics for supporting Self-Helpless! To receive 50% off your first Myro order for only...
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Be Your Own Boss


The girls are SO excited to close out 2018 with one of their dream guests, Cathy Heller! Cathy is the host of the wildly popular "Don't Keep Your Day Job" podcast, and is also a successful singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She shares her amazing journey into crafting her dream job...
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This week, the girls are joined by the fantastic comedian Jessica Michelle Singleton! Jessica talks about how doing a 10 day silent meditation retreat changed the way she handles stress, and the impact the book "Attached" had on her relationships. She explains the four types of attachment styles that people...
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This week the girls tackle a subject that they've all struggled with over the years: skincare and acne! They talk about the arduous journey of trying every possible acne product, cleanser, cream, pill, etc. to try to make their skin happy, and what has ultimately worked best for them. Join...
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This week, the girls talk about the ways that technology, particularly the overuse of it, can negatively affect your mental health and emotional well-being. They share some tips on how to have a healthier relationship with your phone, computer, and television, and much more! Join the Patreon for bonus episodes...
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Holiday Anxiety


This week the girls talk about how to deal with holiday anxiety! Holidays bring a new onslaught of stresses including traveling, interacting with your family, dividing up your time amongst loved ones, gift shopping, and more. The girls share tips on how to make these stressful months more manageable and...
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Long-Distance Relationships


This week, the girls talk about their experiences with maintaining long-distance relationships. They share tips on the best ways to keep one going strong, why certain past long-distance relationships failed compared to ones that didn't, and how to tell when one is no longer worth putting in the effort to...
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