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about 1 year ago

This week, the girls are joined by Death Doula, Alua Arthur. Her job is to assist in the dying process and provide physical, emotional, and psychological support to the dying individual and often their family. The girls find out how she got into this very unique line of work, how she helps prepare people for death, and gives some coping mechanisms to help the girls deal with their deep fear and anxiety surrounding death. Join the Patreon for bonus episodes & prizes, and enjoy amazing therapy from our sponsor!

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This week, the girls talk about one of their most requested topics for the show: loneliness. They discuss the seven most common types of loneliness, which ones resonate the most with them, what helps them get through those tough times, and much more. Be sure to join the Patreon for...
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Living with Borderline Personality Disorder


This week, the girls do a follow-up on their "Relationship with BPD" episode and interview one of their amazing listeners, Chris, who has been diagnosed with BPD. Chris wrote in a couple months ago and offered to answer any questions the girls had about living with BPD. He discusses the...
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Intuitive Eating


This week the girls learn all about the popular "anti-diet" program called Intuitive Eating! It emphasizes the importance of listening to your body to get in touch with what your body really wants to eat, how much of it, and when. The girls try it for themselves and share what...
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The Four Agreements


This week the girls are joined by hilarious comedian and Jersey Buddha, Jim Florentine! Jim talks about how the self-help book "The Four Agreements" changed his perspective on life, and his experience with seeing a Shaman. He also talks about what helped him cope with the death of a loved...
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This week, the girls' very first podcast guest RETURNS! Welcome back hilarious comedian and Russian gypsy Kira Soltanovich! Kira came on the podcast a year ago to do eerily accurate energy readings of the girls. She's back to see if the things she predicted a year ago came true and...
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Patreon Announcement


This week, the girls are announcing a new, big, badass Patreon tier that is overflowing with good shit! They also decided to record a "sample" Patreon episode so that those of you who listen to the regular weekly episodes can get a taste of what goes down in the very...
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Coming Out


This week, the girls are joined by a very special guest, professional wrestler Darren Young AKA Fred Rosser! Fred is the first pro wrestler in the history of the sport to publicly come out as gay while still having a wrestling contract. Fred talks to us about his journey into...
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This week, the girls recap their recent trip to Vegas and talk about some self-image issues they experienced while there. They wonder if the way you see yourself in your teens sticks with you into adulthood regardless of how you grow and change. The girls also share how they've gotten...
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This week the girls are joined by one of the funniest and kindest people on the planet Pete "King of The Tonight Show" Lee! Pete talks about his therapist's unconventional methods to create breakthroughs, overcoming a pattern of quitting comedy to go on and do The Tonight Show three times...
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This week the girls discuss guilt, and the current situations they're each in that have led to them feeling guilty. Taylor talks about reactions to her new Netflix special, Delanie talks about explaining her minimalist lifestyle to her family, and Kelsey shares some of the highs and lows of wedding...
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