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about 17 days ago

The girls discuss the COVID-19 pandemic - practical advice, anxiety management, and what each of them are doing to maintain a routine and stay sane through all of this. Sending love to all!

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Active Citizenship


The hosts sit down with Katie McHugh, host of For Your Misinformation Podcast, to discuss how we can all empower ourselves to be more politically active by taking small steps and sifting through the BS in order to vote in our best interest.For bonus episodes and exclusive content, join our...
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This week the girls talk about their personal self-care routines! They discuss what they actually do for self-care on a daily basis, what they wish they did for daily self-care, and what gets in the way of their self-maintenance!
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This week the hosts are joined by Kelsey's husband, Comedian Kane Holloway, as they discuss the Netflix documentary, Game Changers! This documentary tells the story of James Wilks, elite Special Forces trainer and The Ultimate Fighter winner, as he travels the world on a quest to uncover the optimal diet...
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This week the girls talk with comedian Helen Hong on why she had the best year ever after she gave up all her vices! They talk about their main vices and which ones would be the hardest for them to kick!
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