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Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness

4 months ago

The girls are joined by documentarian and hilarious comedian, Ravi Patel! They talk about navigating boundaries with family, marriage, reinventing yourself after a breakup, how familial relationships change as you get older, and more. Check out Ravi's fantastic docuseries on HBO Max, Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness!

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The Social Dilemma


The girls talk about the fascinating Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma. The documentary features tech experts as they reveal the manipulative mechanisms behind social media platforms, how it affects human behavior, and what we can do about it. The girls also discuss their personal relationship with social media - everything...
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And That's Why We Drink


The girls are joined by Em and Christine from the hit comedic paranormal and true crime podcast, And That's Why We Drink! They share about their experience with therapy, communicating with ghosts, and how they decompress in between ingesting heavy information for their show. Have you ever taught a ghost...
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People Pleasing


The girls discuss People Pleasing this week and oh boy do they feel called out. They share the signs of people pleasing, tips for preventing burnout and resentment, and they open up about where their deep-rooted people pleasing tendencies originated. Plus, some personal stories about how people pleasing got them...
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Toxic Positivity


The girls are joined by comedian, Rosebud Baker! They discuss toxic positivity, identity, the importance of allowing yourself to feel, how to observe our own behavior, and more.
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Tan France


The girls are joined by fashion designer and Queer Eye's, Tan France! WHAT?! Tan shares about his upbringing, how his love for fashion was born, booking Queer Eye and being scared sh*tless about it, his self-care practices, handling criticism, and so much more. He also dishes out a hot tip...
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The girls are joined by Amanda Blake, the host of Sex Ed Made Easy - a series that provides comprehensive, accessible, and engaging sex education to everyone from curious teens to sheltered adults. In this episode, Amanda discusses her religious upbringing, the evolution of her sexual identity, navigating her romantic...
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Time Management


The girls discuss all things time management this week! They share their favorite tips and tricks, surprising stats, what's behind procrastination, how managing their time has changed since quarantine, and more!
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Instagram vs Reality


This week, the girls share some photos they've posted on Instagram in the past and what was actually going on in their lives at the time the photos were posted. They reveal the insecurities these pictures were trying to mask regarding relationships, breakups, career choices, body image, and more. If...
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Racial Justice Educator, Rachel Ricketts 


The girls are joined by racial justice educator, author, and speaker, Rachel Ricketts. Rachel shares about her experience as a lawyer, what led to her calling, and discusses some of the information that is available in her Spiritual Activism 101 webinar. We are grateful that Rachel was willing to take...
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Attachment Styles


This week, the girls discuss the attachment theory, take an attachment style quiz and break down the 4 attachment styles. Taylor, Kelsey, and Delanie share some events in their life that created their attachment styles. AND Taylor and Delanie also quiz their partners and get their attachment style results. Kelsey...
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