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#131 How To Become A Stripper

over 2 years ago

Hey Pelusers! We are excited to be back this week. We missed you hardcore. Sharp Tongue returns with Jessimae solo/dolo and dishing about her travels across America, Beirut, and into the chaotic and hilarious realm of her father's battle with Alzheimer's.


"Robotic" by Kool Karlo

For all things Jessimae go to:

Twitter: @JessimaePeluso


10 Steps of Alzheimer's Communication:

Never argue, agree.

Never reason, divert.

Never shame, distract.

Never lecture, reassure.

Never say "remember", reminisce.

Never say "I told you", repeat.

Never say "You can't", say what they can do.

Never demand, ask.

Never condescend, encourage.

Never force, reinforce.

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