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Best Of: The Sklar Brothers & Trish Suhr

about 1 year ago

The Sklar Brothers join Erin Foley & Trish Suhr in the studio to celebrate SWB's 200th episode! MLB: Jenny Cavnar's play by play makes history, Cards, Mary Foley's Tampa report. NFL: Draft Predictions. Plus tennis, parenting and Suzyn Waldman impressions! Best episode ever. Thank you for all your support!! Please take 5 seconds to give us a 5 star review on iTunes and we will read it on the podcast! And subscribe!…id635036320?mt=2 Patreon: Facebook: Instagram @sportswithoutballs, Twitter @swbpod Erin Foley: Twitter @erinfoleycomic, Instagram @erinkfoley Trish Suhr: Twitter @trishSuhr, Instagram @trishsuhr Sklar Brothers:

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