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Mike and his Mom Part 3

5 months ago

Mike continues to interview his Mom.

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My Rap Career


Hard to believe but Mike Young had a very short career as a rapper named Young Mike.
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Who The F Is Mike Young


Mike and Stock Tip Dave look forward to 2020 and the re-branded Who The F Is Mike Young.
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Mike and Stock Tip Dave talk about what's been going on in their lives and Who The F Is Mike Young.
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Checking In From An NYC Cab


Mike talks about what's new while on his way to Gotham Comedy Club in New York City.
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Home with Rob


Mike talks to his brother, Rob; his biggest fan and biggest critic.
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Mom Talk


Mike talks to his Mom while back in Detroit.
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Progress on Single Mike


Mike talks the process of making his TV pilot Single Mike
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Passenger Seat


Mike and Stock Tip Dave talk about Dave's new podcast venture, a Jam Master Jay project, and Leonardo DiCaprio's obsession with Pickleball.
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Salt Lake City


This is one of Mike's stand up sets from Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Make Your Own Luck


Mike talks about the Videos After Dark premier with Bob Saget and making your own luck. With Stock Tip Dave.
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