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over 4 years ago

NO ADS today! The McDucks have spoken, and we hear you loud and clear!

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Slim Pickins w/ Tim Merlau


Chet Corvette (Tim Merlau) crashes the studio to rev up some horsepower for his new self-help book.
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Shivering Souls w/ Barack Obama


The boys briefly touch on over-financing, and get a long-awaited interview with The 44th President of The United States.
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Bada-Bing Babadook


It's Virii Tuesday! Ethan and Eric get a hold of some Wikileaks documents that'll teach us all how to steer clear of the virii that threaten our computing systems.
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Calamari Doctors' Conference w/ Johnny Pemberton


Johnny Pemberton joins the boys to talk Arby's, First Responders, and how to monetize dog hair.
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Squirrel World w/ Ryan Barton


Financial advisor Ryan Barton unzips his wisdom pants and whips out a big secret tip!
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Gasoline Jeans


Ethan and Eric unveil their new CBD product with the help of a familiar face.
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Melty Shorts w/Kim Seltzer & Aliya Kamalova


Elite Yelp reviewers, Taylor (Kim Seltzer) and Ham (Aliya Kamalova), show the boys what it takes to earn their coveted 5 star review.
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Twisted Minds


A pre-show chit chat session gets upended when Eric drops some buckwild news!
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God's Crust w/ Steve Hely and Dave King


Uncover the secrets to monetizing debates with Steve Hely and Dave King!
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Cornk needs our help! We've all taken a whole lot from Cornk over the years, now it's time to give something back. Long live Cornk.
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