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Beth Stelling (The Balcony Series)

over 3 years ago

Ever wanted to know who Rick’s female comedy counterpart is? Well, she’s on the balcony today! It's phenomenal comedian, Beth Stelling. Days before releasing her hour-long special on HBO Max, “Girl Daddy”, she climbed over to the balcony to chat with Rick about all comedy and business. They naturally slip into some mustache bits and we get to know Beth and her process from filming her first special. Rick reveals his female body hair gripe and Beth details her 4 comedy-career rules, none of which she still keeps. The two discuss their issues with repeating jokes and why it’s been a struggle for them both. Is their struggle of needing to continuously write in fact part of their... "genius?" Beth battles feelings about self promotion whilst being extremely introspective. She talks about performing on the road with Sarah Silverman and gives her take on Bill Burr’s story about being groped by a female comedian, and the double standards of that reversed behavior being common place for a female comedian. It's a tit-slapping good time, goblins! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT BETH'S SPECIAL, "GIRL DADDY" ON HBO MAX THIS WEEK -- on AUGUST 20TH!! (see the trailer here: Where Rick came up with his BALCONY SPECIAL idea: RICK GLASSMAN MERCH: PATREON: INSTAGRAM: DISCORD: BETH STELLING: INSTAGRAM: "GIRL DADDY" TRAILER: CAREER BIO: Beth has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, @midnight, Last Call with Carson Daly, The UCB Show, The Pete Holmes Show, and We Can Fix You. In 2015, she had a special released as part of the Comedy Central series "The Half Hour" with her latest comedy album "Simply the Beth" available on iTunes and Amazon. Vulture named it one of the best comedy specials of 2015. She also starred in Showtime's special Comedy of SXSW. Beth tours stand-up comedy clubs, colleges and festivals, guest starred on the Prime Video series Red Oaks, and wrote on Crashing, a HBO series from Judd Apatow starring Pete Holmes. Sound Mixing: George Krikes See for privacy information.

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