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Brent Morin - Night 1

over 4 years ago

As we light the first candle on the Menorah, it seems only fitting that it’s with one of Rick's best friends, former Undatable co-star and accomplished actor/stand up comedian, Brent Morin. You can see him on his new Netflix show, "Merry Happy Whatever," which premiered over Thanksgiving! They come adorned in festive sweaters, and a little sweat, to discuss the origins of Hanukkah, Brent’s childhood Christmas memories, and trying eggnog for the first time. Listen out for a special knock at the door too! This is the first night of 8 special episodes. Tune in on YouTube Premiere tomorrow through December 30th (6:00pm EST/3:00pm PST) for a new guest each episode! And yes each of the #8NightsOfTYSO will be on #YouTubePremiere, so chat along live, with me and some of my guests -- and as always, Scoot Doo, Blubity Bloo!! Get the new TYSO shirt here! Sound & Mixed by: George Krikes Casey Abrams on VOCALS and BASS, Jacob Scesney on SAX, and Rick Glassman on KEYS. Theme Song written by Casey Abrams & Rick Glassman #GlassmanBoppers #TYSOGoblins #Hanukkah #Christmas #HappyHolidays See for privacy information.

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