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Brent Morin & Adam Ray

3 months ago

ADAM RAY & BRENT MORIN join us for the most chaotic of episodes. The three comics sit down and do bits upon bits on top of bits, could you ask for anything more? (SORRY FOR THE DELAY ON YOUTUBE. LOTS OF EXTRA ANIMATIONS ON IT, SO IT WILL BE UP LATE MONDAY OR EARLY TUESDAY) Adam graces us with another barrage of unnecessary anecdotes, Brent reveals his true character, and Rick’s spill-paranoia peaks. We have another songwriting moment for Brent to show off his pipes and Rick to spit some bars. The group wonders what Brad Pitt calls his privates, if Kevin Bacon’s nudity was the real deal, and we get to meet the Shat Cat… As I (Betty) write this I really have no idea what happened in the episode, but its great. So if you like singing, burns, bits, bats, bears, and Battle Star Galactics (Hi, Rick here. I added the "Bears and Battle Star" joke because Betty only knows of the UK Office)... and the anxiety of every liquid possibly ruining Rick's rug... YOU’LL LOVE THIS EPISODE ! And If you want to pick up some first edition TYSO Cards, you can here: This episode is sponsored by the incredible brands: BETTER HELP: Boppers get 10% off their first month at SCRIBD: WHAT A DEAL - If you go to FOR A 60 DAY FREE TRIAL! Also, CALIFORNIAN PEOPS, though they're not an official sponsor (yet?!), KIVA has sent me a code for you Goblins to use for 30% a discount off of your entire order subtotal (before taxes). CODE: RGLASSMAN-30 RICK GLASSMAN BRENT MORIN YouTube Channel - @The Lion's Den ADAM RAY YouTube Channel - @adamraycomedy Music Beats: & #RickGlassman #AdamRay #BrentMorin See for privacy information.

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