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Brent Morin & Jason Collings (The Balcony Series)

over 4 years ago

Welcome back, Goblins! We have a rare episode with not one but TWO GUESTS! Brent Morin climbed up the balcony with his podcast-other-half and fellow Stand up comedian, Jason Collings. Together, they are collectively known as the hosts of The Lions Den Podcast. Jason, a rookie goblin didn’t come prepared for the heat, so he proceeded to sweat for 90 mins (in a t-shirt). However Brent wore his finest mesh tank top… and just in case that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, he also spends 89% of the episode staring deeply into the camera. SO if you’re starved of affection and intimacy you’ve come to the right show. IF you opted for the audio-only version, then you’re really missing out. Watch on YouTube here! The boys get straight into dissecting play-on-word jokes, improvise commercials (cue Brent’s deplorable British accent), and how they’re all coping without Stand Up during these trying times. Jason reminisces about going on a stadium tour with Russell Peter’s and staying in the same hotels as Drake while Rick drops a joke about Family’s that may get them all canceled. The trio do a great job dissecting comedy audiences and the math of jokes. They also tell the story where they witnessed Rick’s biggest on stage stand up bomb to date and why his set's are sometimes misunderstood. All in all a wonderful meshing of podcast worlds and worth a watch on youtube, if only for Brent’s intense gaze. Thanks for sticking by us Boppers!! We hit 20,000 YouTube subscribers last week!!! ...And we’ve decided when we get to 50,000 subscriptions, we’ll finally release the Will Smith Episode so get clicking :) RICK GLASSMAN MERCH: PATREON: INSTAGRAM: DISCORD: The Lion's Den w/ Brent Morin & Jason Collings: BRENT MORIN: JASON COLLINGS: OTHER TYSO APPEARANCES: Brent Morin 1.0: Brent Morin 2.0: Noches Con Platanito: Mixing: George Krikes See for privacy information.

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