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Watch with video on YouTube here: Support Take Your Shoes Off by support our sponsors: Try BlueChew and receive your first month FREE at when you use our promo code TYSO at checkout-- just pay $5 shipping. BetterHelp is customized online therapy that offers video, phone, and even live chat sessions with your therapist. Get 10% off your first month at "Chad Kroeger" and JT Parr come take there shoes off and talk about stuff with Rick. Hi, I'm Rick and I'm writing this and I don't want to write a description. I do visit the "Going Deep with Chad and JT" which I believe comes out today as well. BTS - Stand up show - Rick Glassman & Friends: The CBD pills we were talking about: RICK GLASSMAN CHAD & JT Podcast: See for privacy information.

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Taran Killam + Bobby Moynihan


Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam makes his third appearance, while SNL’s Bobby Moynihan takes his shoes off for the very first time. We talk about this thing, they talk about that thing, we talk about Star Wars, we laugh a little bit, they do this thing. They also talk about...
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Adam Ray - NETFLIX IS A JOKE Festival (Outside at the pool)


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Australian stand up comedian Jim Jefferies (I Don't Know About That podcast) takes his shoes off and podcasts with Rick. Listen, I don't want to write a description, okay? Listen to the episode and/or watch it on YouTube (avail Tuesday). Tickets to Rick Glassman & Friends April 20th at the...
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Jamie Amanda Lee


Please welcome comedian and Emmy-award winning writer (Ted Lasso), Jamie Amanda Lee. If you know me, you know I don't like writing descriptions for podcasts, but know this -- this one may not be safe for work (NSFW) because of all the penis and vagina talk. That being said, it...
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