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Welcome back Bop Goblins, Goblin Gang and Quarantine Boppers… or however you identity as a TYSOer. Rick continues to bring you you Monday episodes, despite this crazy pandemic, this time its a 4/20 (April 20th, 2020) themed family bonanza. Take Your Shoes Off is 1 Year Old!! And for our anniversary episode, please welcome back DAD AND UNCLE TEDDY!!!! The boys Zoom-in for a glitchy filled hour of rambles and irrelevant baseball conversations, all whilst, you guessed it GETTING HIGH! Rick, Dad & Teddy each pick their devices (garlic cookies?!) and proceed to kick off an hour of about Rocky, staying in, and why farts could be a missing component of the COVID spread. Rick may be isolated but the snaps continue with this visual filled episode of animation and photoshopped bits. The boys are barely able to stay on topic, which seems to be a theme with these stoned episodes (hey, Adam Ray!) Although, Teddy manages to lament “Domestic bliss” and Rick gives another inspirational speech . Oh and friend of TYSO, Lamorne Morris, pops up (as does Rick's penis), so it's worth watching as opposed to listening just because of those nice cameos. We’re so grateful at TYSO for all the support. We know you’re probably all sick of these zoom episodes that every podcast seems to be doing, but please stay tuned! We have some nice things planned, and Rick's been editing for hours upon hours to make sure he brings you something different, and up to the TYSO standards . We would love if you share and subscribe, we want to get those numbers up so Rick can have a budget… buy a real life goblin, Joe Exotica style, and finally release that Will Smith episode! So get clicking and sending :) This episode brought to you by RICK GLASSMAN Produced by: Rick Glassman & George Krikes Edited by: Rick Glassman Sound & Mixed by: George Krike See for privacy information.

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Welcome back to our new Quarantine Edition of Take Your Shoes Off! For the foreseeable future, our guests will be virtually kicking off those loafers and leaning into some virtual TYSO antics. First one up, and his appearance is... *drumroll* let's welcome back Mr. ADAM RAY!! And what more could...
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Adam Ray 2.0


Is there a better way to start off the new year than a bit heavy, joke filled, super high episode? Take Your Shoes Off welcomes in 2020 with repeat guest, comedian Adam Ray. Rick reveals his trepidation about releasing this stoned episode in the intro and expresses some personal vulnerabilities...
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