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**DISCLAIMER** THERE IS A LAG. At times it appears that we are talking over each other. This was not the case live. The way I edited this together, my audio often comes in earlier than Erik's. It's the episode you’ve all been waiting for! Our guest is a podcast veteran and a TYSO favorite, making his third appearance... COMEDIAN ERIK "RIFFIN WITH GRIFFIN" GRIFFIN!!! Rick literally directed this podcast as though his life depended on it, managing to even get Erik in the room without breaking quarantine rules. But if you don't watch on YouTube ( you may miss it. The duo circumvented most the issues of distance-podcasting (maybe not the talking over each-other lags but who cares! We have a little goblin waiter!). The two podcasters get into lots of Cut-to’s, snaps, and nostalgia throw backs. Amongst all the bits, they also discuss Rick's struggles to navigate his OCD during Corona and Erik’s mom’s dementia, which gets quite personal and honest. Again thank you to our PATREON PATRONS! We’re really working on expanding the content. Will be adding an exclusive interview with Rick's mom and girlfriend, Betty, when they met for the FIRST TIME! This is a full video episode with all the TYSO edits. SING UP HERE: Your support during this has been so great and all we ask for is a little like and a share :) Also If any goblins or boppers have good guest suggestions, throw them in the comments below. Wash your hands, wipe your ass, air blow kisses to your loved ones and stay safe! This episode brought to you by PREVIOUS TYSO EPISODES: Erik Griffin 1.0: Erik Griffin 2.0: PREVIOUS RIFFIN WITH GRIFFIN EPISODES: Rick Glassman 1.0: Rick Glassman 2.0: RICK GLASSMAN ERIK GRIFFIN Produced by: Rick Glassman & George Krikes Sound & Mixed by: George Krikes See for privacy information.

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