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Meghan Trainor (feat. Ryan Trainor)

over 2 years ago

IT’S SUPERSTAR Meghan Trainor!!!! Thats right Boppers… the Grammy, People's Choice & Billboard Music ( x2) Award winning Pop Star comes over to the TYSO home studio and immediately offers to buy Rick a new house. Rick gives Meghan his usual coffee concoction which apparently is some kind of truth serum as she proceeds to critique his home and jokes. Meghan discusses the ordeal of landing her first record deal, regaining her confidence after having a baby, and why she thought Rick was “desperate” when he asked her to come on the podcast (Hi Betty, thanks for writing this description. Rick here looking over it -- I wasn't "desperate!" I was marketing TYSO! F*ck come on). The Goblin Doctor drops by, Rick asks all the heavy hitting questions about money, mental health, and why she doesn’t remember him when she guest starred on NBC’s Undateable (Good work Betty, Rick here again. Listen, I wasn't surprised about Meghan not remembering me on Undateable. This wasn't a big deal rofl. Hahahaha. Imagine if I cared about something like that? Hahahahaha. I'm confident. So...). Ryan Trainor (Meghan's brother and Podcast co-host) drops by despite some miscommunication and opens up about sobriety, being the non-famous sibling, and their new podcast Workin’ On It. Rick finally gets his dream song writing session as the trio find a beat (shout out to Jordan Omley, we'll put his instagram handle up here: @jordanjameslife), some lyrics, and a new HIT song for Meghan’s up and coming album. Oh and because its going to take a while for that music royalty money to roll into the TYSO household… you can support us by supporting the brands below: NOOM: Sign up for your trial and get psychology-based support and motivation to reach your goals at SCRIBD: Love books, comics… newspapers?!?! Go to for your 60 day FREE trial.
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