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Tony Caruso

about 26 days ago

From 1975 - 2002, Tony Caruso was one of the most sought after comedians in North America. It was very cool to get into it to hear what happened to him, and very exciting that he is coming back to comedy. Hear about his adventures with a lot of the greats, like being a comedy duo George Carlin.

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Watch his documentary "Tony Caruso - The Return" here:

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It's Valentine's Day!! Fitting for a first date!! THE SLEEP OVER SERIES continues in New York, this time with comedian Robert "Bobby" Kelly. Bobby meets Rick (for the first time) at Rick's hotel, and after using the "bathroom in the lobby," the two read out the "slew of texts" Rick...
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Mark Normand 3.0 - RECORDED IN NEW YORK


"The Sleepover Series" is back -- this time, in New York City! While Rick is in NY to promote his new Amazon Prime show "As We See It" on "The Daily Show: with Trevor Noah," our first guest of the trip is TYSO favorite, Mark Normand, for his 3.0 appearance...
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Jackie Tohn 4.0


Please welcome back Jackie Tohn. We talk about blah blah, yada yada, Jewish, used to date, dogs, Aunt Iris, creating her Amazon cartoon "Do, Re & Mi" with Kristen Bell and Mike Scharf, JEWISH, voices, and Rick's new show "As We See It" now available on Amazon Prime. If you...
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Adam Ray & Andy Kozel (BEST FRIENDS' CLUB)


First there was the holiday "8 Nights of TYSO," then we brought you "The Balcony Series" followed by "The Sleep Over Series." Please welcome TYSO's 4th series installment... THE BEST FRIENDS' CLUB! Where we have at least 2 friend-guests join Rick in the Take Your Shoes Off studio to chat...
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Ali Macofsky 2.0


I'm not writing descriptions at the moment but I am taking fan-submitted descriptions. E-mail a description with the subject as this episode title to [email protected] (don't forget to include your name for credit). Ready to shake up your protein Ritual? My listeners get 10% off during your first 3 months...
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Erik Griffin 8.0


I don't want to write a description. You're already here, give it a listen, OR watch it on YouTube here: This podcast is supported by: BETTERHELP: Listeners get 10% off their first month at BetterHelp! FANDUEL: sign up with promo code ‘TYSO’ and you could WIN ONE HUNDRED...
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Sona Movsesian 3.0


SONA MOVSESIAN (MOV-SES-SIAN) IS BACK! Her lockdown haircut didn’t put her off coming back to the show, and this time she's allowed inside (with the caveat of many-a-rule). Rick is straight out the gates questioning Sona’s ability to NOT spill on the rug and Sona tries to unpack all the...
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BEST OF 2021 (Kristen Bell, Bobby Lee, Kaia Gerber, Lamorne Morris and MORE!!)


What's better than a famous, talented and accomplished guest? How about a WHOLE BUNCH of them! That's right, it's the BEST OF TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF EPISODE! Now, you may be a certified Bopper or a Goblin mega fan, who thinks they’ve seen it all…but we promise you, this absolute...
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A special episode from the TYSO Patreon vault! Earlier this year, David Sullivan (Actor, Acting Coach, and Funniest Friend Of Rick Glassman) dropped by the ‘Balcony Sessions’ to help Rick decompress from a long string of episode recordings and his freshly unlocked anxiety. David, a seasoned actor from "Flaked" And...
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Dad & Marc 2.0 - The Marshall Rug Boys


THIS WEEK'S GUEST IS A VERY WELL KNOWN PERFORMER AND ENTERTAIN…. OH WAIT THAT GUEST CANCELLED. This week's last minute guests are two thirds of The Vegas Dads, one, a carpet king, the other, the prince of rugs. You know them as Dad Glassman and Marc Wien (with feature-- The...
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