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Spinning Machine (With Travis Irvine)

over 3 years ago

Everyone is on their best behavior because Ben is running for Mayor of New York City.

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The 110th Mayor of New York City, The Honorable Ben Kissel


Ben casually announces (practically by accident)his candidacy for the office of Mayor of the city of New York.
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Party Row!


Ben and Mike are back after a brief hiatus to discuss Ben's travels and how to party on an airplane
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Italian Chex Mix


Ben recaps his trip to Washington DC and answers listener questions.
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14 Minute Mile


Ben recounts his un-athletic childhood, and modeling big and tall clothing for K-Mart
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Blue Light Special


This week, Ben breaks down how he became a model for K-Mart, and explains his budding bro-mance with Gary Johnson.
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Porno From The Future


This week, Ben and Mike discuss how television gets made, whether or not pedophiles are monsters, and how shocked people in the 70's would be if they could see today's porno.
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Stranded In An Airport


Ben breaks down the most exciting thing that happened to him this week.....being stuck in Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
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Half Priced Appetizers


Erica Spera sits in with Ben and Mike while Ben recaps his week full of bow tie shopping and fights at Applebees.
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We're Back!


Ben and Mike sit down after a brief hiatus and catch up on a hectic couple of months to kick things back into motion.
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Mike Gunzelman


Gunz sits down with Ben to discuss his career in radio and Mike reminds him of his great dog advice.
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