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Maseo from De La Soul

over 10 years ago

One third of the legendary hip-hop trio sits down with the Champs to discuss how they made most of their hits while still in school, different kinds of groupies and his Auburn football star son. It's good.

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The hip-hop legend sits down with the Champs to discuss Biggie, Tupac, Color Me Badd, battle rapping, Madonna and of course, premature ejactulation. Also, he tells the craziest sex story in Champs history. He's a quiet, hilarious man.
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The 3rd Bass MC and current talkshow host, MC Serch, sits down with the Champs to tell his crazy stories about MC Hammer putting a hit out on him, his part in signing Nas, and the craziest story you'll ever hear about Bushwick Bill. Special appearance by Questlove. Great episode.
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