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3 months ago

Chip interviews Duane Scott Cerny, who sells the furniture of dead people. They bond over ghosts, since Lyle has travelled through many realms. They are also joined by Ming, Bryan Johnson and his best gal Maribeth, who were late because they decided to detour through Brooklyn. They discuss the Flash trailer. Ming discusses feet and being a good boy. Chipperson sexily describes foot calluses.

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Danny K rejoins the program and displays amazing chemistry with WhateverAmy. Chipperson does a quick feel of Xia and Amy both and the results are steamy. Dave Temple returns and a therapist is on Zoom.
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Addiction expert Joshua joins the show and he and Lyle bond over addictions to pekka tuggin. Mike Cannon and Brendan Sagalow are not convinced and feel that the spouses should shut up and deal with it. We find out what Mike does when he enters a hotel room. Stacey Prussman...
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Chip is joined virtual by Niels Duinker, a juggler. A fascinating conversation about juggling follows suit. Zac Amico returns and helps welcome Dave Caggiano, a funny comic from Boston who tells firefighting stories. He and Chipperson are birds of a feather.
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Kerryn finally decides to show up and updates everyone on her dating life. Of course there is a new notch in the belt. Dylan also returns and updates us on his belly button, which is a confirmed linty disaster. Xia once again dresses in a manner which Lyle finds unbecoming.
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Mickey Gall makes his first appearance on the Podacast and is in awe of Chipperson. They talk about fighting as only a couple of fighters can. Mickey admits his prowess with women is all based on The Way of Chipperson. Mike Cannon can only watch as two alphas slowly circle...
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Daniel, Flutsie and Dave Temple all return to the Podacast. We come to find out Daniel has no veins and it disturbs Lyle. Chip reveals how creative he is at making bongs. Flutsie disappoints everyone by admitting she does not enjoy being handcuffed.
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HAPPY 2023!


Shannon and Zac join Chipperson and Xia (who is late and disciplined for it) for the final show of 2022. Experience the countdown LIVE with Chip as he deep dives into why Shannon now has a new cohost. Chip also discovers that he hasn't been nominated for an AVN award...
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Geno and Keanu appear with Chip to cement their relationship to the world. Keanu has phone issues which Ian tries compulsively to fix. We learn that she was kidnapped by Big A and that Geno likes to purchase photos from Keanu. Everyone debates the meaning of morning constitutional. Chip and...
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Chrissie Mayr and Brendan Sagalow join the show in an episode taped right before Skankfest. Chip demonstrates his machine gun fingers as the gang discusses how useful fingers are. Chip does a Raging Bull reference that goes nowhere. Chip also shows off his woke lingo to the delight of everyone...
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Bobby RE-Auditions


Robert Kelly begs his way back on the Chipperson's show, promising to do a good audition. Mike Figs returns (with wrinkled pockets) and Bob is none too pleased. The gang is joined late by adult film star Ebony Mystique, who bonds with Chip over their knowledge of the Black Panthers...
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