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about 1 year ago

Ian is very self-conscious about putting on 65 pounds. Xia's date is analyzed in detail and Chipperson is none too pleased. Chip comments about Xia's revealing outfit. In a stunning revalation, Luke doesn't show up with Jim Florentine beause he's apparently 'too old for Chipp'. Chip hides his humiliation and smiles as per usual. Chip reveals what an online dating profile would look like. The gang also reviews Mr Hands and a fellow with a jar for Jim Florentine.

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Doug Bellcast 40 - Colin Quinn, Don Rickles, Benedict Cumberbatch


Bell bumps into Quinny in a pet store. Doug also helps Donny Rickles get some laughs at his show, then has a great time bonding with Benny Cumberbatch.
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An exciting episode! Kerryn tells everyone about her hot date who brought another woman! Ralph has returned to the podacast to give everyone the updated height of his new girlfriend. Stacey revisits the rotted tool of her ex and the gang looks up pictures on google. Everyone seems to have...
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Doug Bellcast 39 - Peter Dinklage, Ellen DeGeneres


Doug goes on an audition with Pete Dinklage and there is a misunderstanding. All is made better when he dances with Ellen.
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Jabroni Mike and Vinny Vinesauce join Chip for the first time. They are a hit, while simultaneously being in awe of Chipperson. Zac Amico is uncharacteristically mean, and Xia is all stuck to her seat for some reason. Who Killed Captain Alex is unpacked and everyone agrees Ugandan karate is...
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Doug Bellcast 38 - Angus Young, Puff Daddy


Bell rocks with Angus Young in a pizza joint and meets up with Puff Daddy.
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Natalie Cuomo returns to the podacast in order to get a better look at Chipperson to aid with her Chip tattoo. Chip, Dave Temple and Xia debate where it belongs, with Natalie hoping for Chip tear drop tattoos and Lyle believing his face belongs on her rump. The gang also...
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Doug Bellcast 37 - Bobby Lee, Simon Cowell, Paul Virzi, Steve Martin, Tommy Lee (128 kbps)


Bell tells of the time he and Bobby Lee met up and Bell tried to score a role on MAD TV. They riffed a Starsky & Hutch routine. Doug does his spot on Pat Summerall impersonation. Also his run in with Paul Virzi and his amazing ideas for Simon Cowell...
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Chipperson SWOOPS into Compound and welcomes back Kevin Brennan, Tony Two-Shirts and Shuli. Shuli is awe struck by Lyle, as he never gets to see him in person. The caring side of Anthony rears it's beautiful head as he attempts to raise money for Xia's bosoms, with the small caveat...
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Doug Bellcast 36 - Margot Robbie, Miley Cyrus, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson


Doug does Iowaska and shares chemistry with Margot Robbie. Also has cool vibes with Miley, bumps into Bill Murray and Jerry Hudson.
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Bobo returns to the show on FIRE roasting everyone like they've never been roasted. Jennifer Steele-Mondello joins the program and is awed by Daniel's wit. She also enjoys his flirting. Kerryn is late and Chipperson threatens a spanking. Chip also attempts to date Jennifer. Xia has a bomb for the...
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