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about 1 year ago

Blind Mike makes his debut on the Podacast and does not disappoint. He explains to Daddy how poorly his pecka performed at Skanfest. He issues a very firm handed discipline to Xia, who is dressed for a Dukes of Hazzard episode. Zac commits to getting healthy and there are several good bombs.

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Mike and Tim from Dad Meat join Chipperson for the first time. Xia reveals she's a ginger down there and Chip is quite pleased. Zac and Chip combine on a few zingers. Dalton Meyer, the Guiness Book of World Record holder for clapping! joins the program for an in depth...
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Doug Bellcast 42 - Tucker Carlson, Tiger Woods


Doug bumps into Tuck and pitches a great show idea. Bell also happens upon Tiger Woods and things get slightly awkward.
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Dave Temple and Gigi Dior join the program to discuss Gigi's lawsuit from Dior. Chipperson offers some legal advice. Dave and Chip bond condemning Xia's pornographic story about Gigi showing her bosoms in public. Gigi arrives late and treats Chip to a flash and is forgiven for lateness. She also...
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Doug Bellcast 41 - Sandra Bullock, Johnny Carson, Charles Dutton


Doug and Sandy Bullock have sparks, as expected. Doug goes down memory lane to tell everyone about when he worked at a country club and bumped into John Carson. There is also an unpleasant interaction with Charles Dutton.
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Chip is occasionally blurry, much to the dismay of viewers. Daniel 'UPS' Kurland joins the show to confess cheating with another carrier. The gang is dismayed but supportive. Christine Berg makes her podacast debut and confirms what Chipperson has long suspected about things with Aaron. Not good news. Xia and...
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Ian is very self-conscious about putting on 65 pounds. Xia's date is analyzed in detail and Chipperson is none too pleased. Chip comments about Xia's revealing outfit. In a stunning revalation, Luke doesn't show up with Jim Florentine beause he's apparently 'too old for Chipp'. Chip hides his humiliation and...
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Doug Bellcast 40 - Colin Quinn, Don Rickles, Benedict Cumberbatch


Bell bumps into Quinny in a pet store. Doug also helps Donny Rickles get some laughs at his show, then has a great time bonding with Benny Cumberbatch.
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An exciting episode! Kerryn tells everyone about her hot date who brought another woman! Ralph has returned to the podacast to give everyone the updated height of his new girlfriend. Stacey revisits the rotted tool of her ex and the gang looks up pictures on google. Everyone seems to have...
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Doug Bellcast 39 - Peter Dinklage, Ellen DeGeneres


Doug goes on an audition with Pete Dinklage and there is a misunderstanding. All is made better when he dances with Ellen.
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Jabroni Mike and Vinny Vinesauce join Chip for the first time. They are a hit, while simultaneously being in awe of Chipperson. Zac Amico is uncharacteristically mean, and Xia is all stuck to her seat for some reason. Who Killed Captain Alex is unpacked and everyone agrees Ugandan karate is...
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