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Episode 95 - Jim Florentine Sets Reasonable Limits on What Constitutes Acceptable Behavior

about 3 days ago

This is where society tells me I have to write a description of what happens during this episode because apparently we are all children and have to jingle shiny things in front of each other to get them to stop and pay attention. Speaking of which, Jim and Rick do discuss parenting. There. Are you happy now, one person who reads the descriptions?

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Episode 94 Return of the Mack Lindsay


The faithful and gorgeous and intelligent listeners of this podcast will enjoy this episode where, Mack Lindsay, a comedian well known for laying it all out there does precisely that. There's also piano music at the beginning and end which is very good. It's hard to write a description of...
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Episode 93 - Willie (Night of the) Hunter


The power duo of Rick and Eleanor take time to sit down with Michael Jackson aficionado and television writer, Willie Hunter. As he guides them on a beautifully intoned journey through the veritable Roman wilderness of his Comedy Store memories, Rick and Eleanor are repeatedly distracted by the fact that...
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Episode 92 - Felicia Michaels : Deadliest Gangster on Earth


Rick Ingraham shares his origin story even though nobody asked. The quality of the Store over the decades is discussed, and Todd Bridges is impersonated.
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Episode 91 - Dean Delray Gets Inspired


Dean Delray rolls into the studio to talk to the single greatest talk radio duo in the history of Denver easy listening, Rick Ingraham and Eleanor Kerrigan. The conversation turns towards Andy Kaufman and Dean talks about something that inspired him to push himself as an artist.
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Episode 90 - Ready, Steady, Freddy Lockhart


Freddy Lockhart made it onto national television by the time he was twenty-five, he has been on sitcoms, he travels the world. But you know what? This is the Comedy Store Podcast. You know you are going to hear amazing life stories from great comics. That happens every week. You...
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Episode 89 A Precious Few Moments with Mary Lynn Rajskub


The investigative team of Kerrigan and Ingraham pumps Mary Lynn Rajskub for information on her experiences with The Comedy Store but the real excitement is on once Mary Lynn is stolen away to perform on stage and our heroes are forced to create their own fun. Are they up to...
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85 HappyThompsgiving with Candice Thompson


What is a nice person like Candice Thompson, who comes from a good home, doing talking to these two monsters? I mean really.
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84 - Saint Francisco Ramos


You know how even the most destestable human beings always have that one friend with the heart of gold? Here at the World Famous Comedy Store, that man is Francisco Ramos. And we are not just saying that because he knows a lot about our two favorite topics, semen and...
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Episode 86 Mo Mandel? I didn't even get the first Mandel!


You know what comedians love talking about? Themselves. This episode has a lot of that.
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Episode 85 - The Infallible and Generous and Kind Eric Anderson


Eleanor Kerrigan adventures forth without her brave dueling second, Rick Ingraham to the All Things Comedy Festival where she joins forces with Brody Stevens to squeeze some good stories out of The Comedy Store's own Eric Anderson. Eleanor recounts an apology she once received that involved lasers.
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