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106 Sandy Danto, Voices of the Store sprinkled with a little Don Barris

about 1 year ago

106 Sandy Danto, Voices of the Store sprinkled with a little Don Barris by The World Famous Comedy Store

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106 Sandy Danto, Voices of the Store


106 Sandy Danto, Voices of the Store by The World Famous Comedy Store
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105 Jake Weisman, A Wisenheimer for All Seasons


Jake Weisman is one of the creators of Comedy Central's new show, Corporate. He is also the only person who can match Rick's propensity for existential darkness during standup routines. Together, in a scary basement, protected by the strong hand of Eleanor Kerrigan, they meet to talk.
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104 Argus Hamilton, Southern Man of Taste


Argus has seen it all and today he shares a couple of stories in which the felonies that were committed have passed the statute of limitations for prosecution in the great state of California. The man can reminisce. We also put an ad in this episode. because we are all...
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103 Dom Irerra, Master Stairsman


Dom Irerra is the smoothest man in the universe and I dare each of you not to fall in love with him. Actually, you should probably keep your emotions to yourself. I should. We all should.
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Episode 102 - Time Trussellers, Close Encounters of the Rogan Kind


Eleanor and Rick are at it again after solving the mystery of Old Zombie Mansion. On their way to their next adventure to get to the bottom of the cryptic maze that is The Comedy Store, they have a chance meeting with two other notorious knowledge seekers, Joe Rogan and...
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Episode 101 - Martin And Hirl, The Light and The Darkness


Josh Martin is a hugely famous comedian who crushes audiences left and right, Lucas Hirl is his faithful lover with whom he feels he can catch the stars out of the sky. I might have just made all that up but the only way to tell for sure is to...
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Episode 100 - Marc Maron


Looking for a touching story of redemption? Fuck you.
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Episode 99 Jade "Cattalady" Catta-Preta


Jade is a creative genius, see if Rick even cares. If you actually read these descriptions, message Eleanor on Twitter and you will get mentioned in one. Unless of course you sell some bullshit fitness tea or are some type of internet marketing guru in which case you can go...
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Episode 98 Degrees and Rising with "Shirtless" Earl Skakel


Rick and Eleanor are two podcast hosts in search of excitement. When a sexy and mysterious friend by the name of Earl Skakel makes his way down into their basement of comedy pleasure, they may have found exactly what they were looking for. But is Earl their latest victim, or...
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97 - Chris Spencer, Humanitarian Extraordinaire


Hey everyone, not every comic that climbs to the top of the hill that is the World Famous Comedy Store is an amoral degenerate. As proof we offer the words of Chris Spencer, who shows that you can be a good guy and still have opinions. P.S. - Diddy always...
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