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235: Ryan O'Neill & Sam Tripoli

about 1 month ago

Rick is continuing to become one with the rest of America so Eleanor has Danish & O'Neill's Ryan O'Neill in as guest co-host with the hilarious Sam Tripoli in! They chat about the "dark years" of The Store and Eleanor's new favorite car rental app that takes a turn. DON'T SLEEP ON THIS ONE!

See Eleanor in Vegas this week and catch Rick on tour with Chris Rock this summer!

Other Episodes

225: Doug Stanhope


He's back! AND on St. Patrick's Day! Doug Stanhope returns to the pod to talk Dice, New York and his feelings on Saddle Ranch (the "Tik Tok Restaurant" right next to The Store) with Rick and Eleanor. Don't sleep on this one! CHECK OUT RICK INGRAHAM'S DEBUT EP "AMERICAN BULLY...
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224: LIVE FROM SXSW 2022 - Punkie Johnson & Tony Hinchcliffe


WE'RE LIVE @ SXSW 2022! Eleanor headed down south to host our first event at SXSW with Saturday Night Live's Punkie Johnson and Kill Tony's Tony Hinchcliffe. They discuss everything from life pre-pandemic, being cancelled, post-pandemic life and most importantly, WE FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MOON LANDING!!! Cannot...
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223: Tom Rhodes


The hilarious Tom Rhodes joins Rick and Eleanor this week to discuss starting at The Store, living in Amsterdam and having his own show overseas. Plus Rick and Eleanor's usual chaos. CHECK OUT RICK'S DEBUT EP "AMERICAN BULLY VOL. 1" AND ELEANOR'S LATEST ALBUM "LADY LIKE" WHEREVER YOU GET YOUR MUSIC!
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222: Jenica Bergere


Rick & Eleanor welcome paid regular Jenica, an actress and comic banned from The Comedy Store after a physical altercation with another well-known comic. Who? You'll have to tune in to see. Plus appearances by "Jeff Garlin" and "Argus." Do NOT sleep on this one! CHECK OUT RICK'S NEW EP...
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221: Ryan Sickler


Eleanor welcomes comedy vet and host of The Honeydew Podcast Ryan Sickler into the studio to discuss their careers in the business and why everyone can stop introducing him on stage as the newest paid regular. CHECK OUT RICK INGRAHAM'S DEBUT EP "AMERICAN BULLY VOL. 1" AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOW!
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220: Rick, Eleanor & Sexual Harassment Training


We're back with Rick and Eleanor as they analyze the series "Hacks" and dip into the world of Sexual Harassment training that the Comedy Store Staff has had to take. CHECK OUT RICK INGRAHAM'S DEBUT EP "AMERICAN BULLY VOL. 1" AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOW!
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219: Steph Tolev


We're back with our first of the 800 new paid regulars, the hilarious Steph Tolev. She chats about bombing, chin acid and her 20 years in comedy while learning about Rick and Eleanor's history with The Store. Can't miss! RICK INGRAHAM'S DEBUT EP "AMERICAN BULLY" IS OUT 2.22.22 AND UP...
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218: Ari Shaffir


He's back. The man, the myth, the legend, Ari Shaffir joins Rick and Eleanor for another hilarious episode.
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217: Don Barris & Brian Holtzman


Two Store legends join Eleanor to do what they do best... terrorize her. Don't miss it!
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216: Jessica Michelle Singleton


Rick is out this week, but Eleanor is back! Store favorite Jessica Michelle Singleton is in-studio to discuss the road, Covid, family and comedy. Possibly in that order.
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