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The CrabFeast 290: Steve Cantwell Live In Houston

1 day ago

This week's episode was recorded live in Houston with the amazing Steve Cantwell. But after hearing about his life in witness protection in Alaska, living the swinger life on a sailboat in Hawaii you'll, understand why Steve is changing his name to Cantendwell! This episode is a must-listen! Feel free to share!
#FTCF *****

Appeals court summary of the case discussed in this ep:

Cincinnati Enquirer article:

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The CrabFeast 289: Jamie Lee


Oui Oui, It's Jamie Lee and she has a fun ghost story from her time in Par-ie. (That's a fun was to say Paris when you feel trapped in a rhyming corner. Anyway no more rhymes!) We are stoked to have Jamie Lee back on to talk about her crazy...
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The CrabFeast 288: Jesus Trejo


Fire up the lawn mower, throw on the old Gi because you're about to get a roundhouse! This episode has a bit of everything...albino raccoons, stray golf balls, attack apples and dirty dirty cops! Hands down one of our favorite episodes in a long time! Give it a listen and...
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The CrabFeast 287: Karen Kilgariff


Karen Kilgariff of My Favorite Murder aka Karen Kilgariffasinfrank, recappening ghost stories and her childhood obsession with driving. Don't miss this one and share with your friends! #FTCF *****
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The CrabFeast 286: Ryan Sickler & Jay Larson


Ryan and Jay come straight at you with no chaser. Find out about "zip zowwing" and if there's such a thing as too much of it. #FTCF *****
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The CrabFeast 285: Colt Cabana


Gather up the Juggalos because we have the worst wrestler in the history of the WWE on this week's feast. Colt Cabana sits down with Vince McMahon, gets pranked by caller ID and reveals his side hustle as a seamstress. So much fun with this guy, take a listen and...
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The CrabFeast 284: Christina Pazsitzky


Ok mommies! I mean Feasters! We are super excited to go hitch-hiking with Christina Pazsitzky, but we can tell you not everyone she picks up ends up as satisfied as you'll be after this episode. Our favorite mommy has her jeans hiked up and tells us about her new special...
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The CrabFeast 283: Joe Sib


Little Joey Sib was never afraid of a business opportunity! Whether he was doing magic at the local pizza place at 10 years old, performing on The Warped Tour with some of the biggest names in music or getting on stage as a comedian later in life, Joe Sib has...
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The CrabFeast 282: Raven


Get ready to jump from the top turn buckle! Just make sure the guy you're wrestling with knows what's coming!!! That might be tough if you're wresting with this weeks guest because he is sure to mix it up. One of the most decorated wrestlers in history, RAVEN, sits down...
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The CrabFeast 281: Chad Zumock


If you're searching your FM dial in Cleveland looking for Chad Zumock, you can stop because after his mug shot went viral, he was let go. But you know what he never let go of? Living life to the fullest. Which led him to getting saved by Dennis Rodman in...
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The CrabFeast 280: Wheeler Walker Jr.


Remember when country was country? Remember when country singers weren't afraid to drop F bombs? Oh that's right they never did, but Wheeler does! And he drops the inside scoop on the country world and let's us know what all those hack singers are listening to on their tour buses!!...
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