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The CrabFeast 317: Adam Lustick

4 months ago

Tune in this week for some hilarious stories from comedian Adam Lustick! If you enjoy the show, please tell a friend!

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The CrabFeast 316: Neil Garguilo


If you have ever been to a Murder Mystery dinner theater then you may have seen this week's guest Neil Garguilo. Or maybe you were just a guest at a work conference and you happened to get punched by Neil? Well, either way you are going to love this week's...
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The CrabFeast 315: Carl D


We hope you took some time yesterday to celebrate our troops and have a couple in their honor. You won't need any booze to get through this episode because one of our favorites, Carl D the Drama King is back. And with no surprise he takes us down some of...
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Her show on TruTv is called "I'm Sorry" but she certainly is not! Andrea Savage pops in some of the best comedic movies and television and now she's popping up on The CrabFeast and boy are we happy about that?! And so will you! And so will your friend's so...
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Please raise your seatbacks and tray tables as we are about to take South Africa where things ain't exactly the same as they are here! But no need to pack a bag because this week's guest Johnny Pemberton packs light! In fact he ain't even bringing his large intestine...
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The CrabFeast 312: Alex Hooper


People think high school drop outs won't amount to anything...well Alex Hooper sure showed them. All he did was go on to graduate by taking his remaining classes over the phone, got charge by a rogue zebra at the DC Zoo, got lost down a dark tunnel at a sex...
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The CrabFeast 311: Josh Adam Meyers


Well, what can we say? The Chanel One news was running an expose on Josh Adam Meyers and his two front legs and we wanted to get ahead of the hype and get him back on the podcast. As always Josh comes correct with some great stories and of course...
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The CrabFeast 310: Jimmy Shubert


Jimmy Shubert is back and he's bringing that Philly swagger with him. He didn't play for the '87 Bears but his hips don't know that! He's rebuilt and back on the feast sharing some great stories like only Jimmy Shube's can! Enjoy and share! This week's episode is brought...
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The CrabFeast 309: Moshe Kasher & Natasha Leggero


If you need relationship advice take it from Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher, sometimes it's better not to tell your wife anything. For instance if you weren't the manliest guy in the world but wanted to do a super manly thing like climb out on the roof and change a...
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The CrabFeast 308: Frankie Quinones


Sometimes people tell us they have a crazy car accident story, and we are like, "Great, don't tell us anything," Well, we didn't know what we were getting into! Frankie Quinones sits down and breaks down a crazy car accident, fills us in on what it was like for him...
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The CrabFeast 307: Shane Torres


Looking at Shane Torres' large frame, long hair and hearing his Texas accent you'd bet he was a ruff and tumble youngster growing up outside of Fort Worth. Well you'd be wrong! Sure he egged old ladies as a kid, not their houses, THEM! Of course he got caught. And...
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