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Sophia Zolan talks Scary Movies  – EP 596

7 months ago

Sophia Zolan @SophiaZolan on IG with SoZo’s Variety Show on IG – loves a scary movie. But she’s been going at it since 1997 so I mention scary movies I’ve HEARD of and we talk about how she would probably love those. This is hilarious. You will love. In November and December - do NOT DONATE TO THE DORK FOREST - donate to your LOCAL FOOD BANK. ie Google "food bank" and the name of your town. If you're in the US it's slightly harder but fun to go to and put yer zip code in. Resume donating to TDF in January. If you're a monthly donar kebob know that yer monies will go to LA's food bank and i'll get ALL THE CREDIT ;). yer call. Be well. take care of each other out there.

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