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TDF Ep 14 – Thrilling Adventure Hour

over 10 years ago

Ben Blacker twitter: @BenBlacker and Ben Acker twitter: @BNACKER, creators of The Thrilling Adventure Hour are on the show this week and, they are serious media dorks. They have lists and lists of movies and books and comic books and music in their heads. We could have kept going for another hour. And again, I’m a dork FOR the guests… so much so that we talked about LAST episode, so I’m still dorking out to Marcia Wallace.   Regarding audio: I didn't check the levels right - and Pat Brady (not Grady - there's a fascinating tale of ..zzzzz) did amazin work - so hopefully all things can be heard.    Here is the longest list of notes/links to the many things we touched on:   Marc Maron WTF Podcast – I’m actually ON a current episode.   Comics Ultimate Spider Man – Bendis arc… Ultimate Marvel Universe – (I mentioned they loved Ultimates and Andy handed me 40 comics to read) Top Ten Busiek Irredeemable – Mark Waid   Ben Blacker’s Top Three Movie Comedies Tootsie Some Like It Hot (not on Ben Acker’s List) His Girl Friday   Favorite Christmas Movies Gremlins Die Hard   More Media from Ben Blacker Decemberist's Valerie Plame   Ben Acker Top Three Movie Comedies Ghostbuster Real Life   Fave podcast besides Marc Maron’s - RadioLab Fave Webcomics: Questionable Content American Elf   Kyle Baker Artist/Author Talk: Why I Hate Saturn You Are Here Plastic Man Special Forces Truth – did the art, but great   Fiction Charlie Huston Richard Stark Robert Parker - WesternRobert Parker - Wilderness   I can’t find the Model Airplane Dork Forest EP from the blogtalk archives… dang… can’t find it. If YOU find it – email me: [email protected]   And in the last five minutes we start a NEW topic that needs to last a half hour – I will have them back! They are great!   If you can’t find something to read, watch or stare at after this list (which is not complete), I’m exhausted and can’t help you. You are loved and thanks for listening… Happy New Year!   Credits: Audio leveling by Patrick Brady!Music by Mike Ruekberg 

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