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TDF EP 21 – Rob Stern and Abigoliah

over 10 years ago

  New York comics Rob Stern (twitter @actionstern) and Abigoliah stop in to talk about their obsessions with Action Figures, Video Games, Dinosaurs and Yoga. And Abigoliah’s Mom let her change her name when she was about 13. How many of us can say THAT? They have a podcast called Pass the Carrots that I am going to be on at some point and, on that, they talk about stand up comedy – a LOT.   Credits: Audio leveling by Patrick Brady and the Songs are by Mike Ruekberg. My Website was redone by Vilmos : with is an offshoot of it and they both have players and links to his good work.   My show schedules, videos of my stand up and the donation button are all there. Thanks for the orders and the donations this week and, as always, thanks for listening and take care out there! Jackie

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