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TDF Ep 4 - Drew Droege and Shelagh Ratner

over 10 years ago

Drew Droege and Shelagh Ratner (that's a link to her IMDB page as well, and I didn't ask her ONE DAMN question about doing video game voice work on Vice City. Not one. Here is her website.  Instead we talked about Halloween, acting, horror films, comedy and, weirdly, the NFL. Notes:Gregory Mcdonald wrote Fletch (and Flynn - I've read them all ;) Audition is a Japanese horror movie by Takashi Miike - came out last year. (corrected:thks Brian)Michael Vick has had a terrible hobby. Stand Up shows on the calendar page on there's a fancy iPhone app for TDF and if you have a Droid or Palm or something like that:  - they'll hook you up with the last episode.

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