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TDF Ep 8 - Adam Gertler and Stirling Gardner

over 10 years ago

I talked with Adam Gertler and Stirling Gardner about food, self improvement and more food. Adam is so specifically a food dork I forget he loves comics and graphic novels. Gotta get him back on to talk of those things. But he had a great, simple butternut squash soup recipe so I got distracted :) And I gave him a couple squash from the garden in return. Stirling took a big handful of Kale... he didn't tell me how he's going to prepare them. Adam has his current show on Food Network - Kid in a Candy Store and Will Work For Food is in rerunning rotation. Stirling has had a wide and varied obsessive life and it took me most of the show to pinpoint that he loves him some self help body and mind work. We spoke of the spoon treatment to his back - Gua Sha - and he sent me a picture of his back but it looks pretty bad... why don't you just Google it. Adam and I were disturbed. YET... intrigued. That's what LA will do to you. And the Dork Forest... you end up intrigued about "body treatments." Then it was CRAZY... Stirling worked on some Tony Robbins seminars and how you can use your powers for good or evil. I got creeped out and made Adam tell me about the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup factory. The iPhone App finally has extra content. Me telling Andy about the show, essentially and me trying to explain the difference and sameness of the Beer Koozie, Beer Cozy, Cozies, Cozie and Coozy. Tell me how you like it if you have the app! Thanks for tuning in! I'm in Minnesota this week and Indiana next week - check the tour page on my website for specifics. Take care out there. Jackie

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