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TDF Ep 9 - Beatallica

over 10 years ago

TDF Ep 9 – the band… Beatallica   Boy do I NOT know about Heavy Metal. These guys do, though. I had the band Beatallica ( in my living room. They are a Beatles/Metallica live mash up band. Live – they play all the music, the lead singer sounds JUST like the lead singer of Metallica and they have taken their dorkdom to success all over the country and in Europe. They just played LA.   They are really gifted musicians and… I used to babysit the lead singer’s little sister. So, I knew him when he was just a foot soldier in the Kiss Army. They are all from Milwaukee, as am I, and we digress on that for a while.   I try to keep up and, as usual, when the dorkdom is music, it’s best when I just leave them to it. I learned a lot. I hope you do too.   Check out their website, their live shows are amazing and I will check out their suggestions. These ones fascinated me: Drain STH, The Sword, Blind Gaurdian, Voivad. And we created a suggested starter short playlist: Körgull the Exterminator by Voivod, Reign in Blood by Slayer, The Prisoner by Iron Maiden, and Warp Riders by The Sword. The iPhone App  has extra content if you have that app. Thanks so much for the new donations I received this week! I’m at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana this week. Come on down if you live near there. And on Bob and Tom on Thursday - check the tour page on my website for specifics.   Take care out there. Jackie - If you wanna see a sample of my comedy... this is fun. Credits: as per usual… thanks to Mike Ruekberg , who did the intro and outro music and Patrick Brady, friend of comedy, who fixes the audio.  

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