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Tiki Bars are SOCIAL w Tamra Brown - Ep. 473

over 3 years ago

Mai Tai’s, History and cool décor. That’s what’s fun for comic Tamra Brown @heytamra_ and www.tamrabrown. I mistake rockabilly for ska  - AGAIN? And it’s fun. Enjoy. AD: Fab Fit Fun – it’s a mystery crate of stuff!! Long ad but it was fun. And funny. Hopefully. and enter DORK and get $10 your first box! AD: Lola  - It’s TAMPOONS you guys!! Like Harpoons but organic and fer yer menstrual cycle! and enter DORK to get %40 off all subscriptions. Uh… they also have condoms and lube. (winkyface emoji cuz I’ve an inner child) Donate to The Dork Forest at or My current album “I Am Not the Hero of This Story” available on Amazon, iTunes and hard copy if you want it signed on the website. As well as TDF tshirts, standup shirts and other CDs and just videos of my comedy. Premium eps of TDF are taped live and available here:  USE THE AMAZON banner when you order your own dorky goodness. Audio leveling by Patrick Brady  Music is by Mike Ruekberg  Website design by Vilmos:

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