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Loud Luxury: Levels, Jersey Shore and Chad Kroeger

about 1 year ago

Loud Luxury joins us at our HQ. We drink beers and ask them questions sent in by you guys. Their drink of choice.... Molsons. Which we couldn't find so we got them Labatt Blues. 00:00 - Intro 02:42 - Do You Agree With Your FamousBirthdays.Com Ranking? 04:24 - How Much Money Do You Make per Show? 07:36 - Levels or Levels in Reverse? 09:31 - What's Your Favorite BPM? 10:50 - Why Are Some of America's Most Popular Entertainers Canadian? 13:11 - Canadian Marry/F***k/Kill 14:20 - One Song to Save the Pregame? 15:25 - How'd You Guys Meet? 18:19 - Chick-fil-A Code? 23:59 - Coolest Person to Slide in Your DMs? 29:54 - Which DJ Has the Craziest Rider? 34:05 - When Are You at Your Happiest? 38:22 - Banana Boat? Friday Beers Podcast IG: TikTok: Friday Beers Twitter: Jack IG: Max IG: See for privacy information.

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