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Ep. 282 The Parkcast

about 1 year ago

Everyone is at the park except for Craig.

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Ep. 281 Unemployment Check


Matt talks about his week in New York City.  Wendell reviews Baby Driver.
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Ep. 280 The Five Year Anniversary


Matt and Randy talk about UMBC.  Wendell reviews Death Wish.  Craig reflects on the last 5 years.
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Ep. 279 “Desolation Angel”


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Ep. 278 with Ryan Stout, Brian McDaniel, and Craig Coleman


The boys come by to goof around.
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Ep. 277 “The Return of The Pimp Daddy’s” with Radio Rando & Tim Conlon


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Ep. 276 “Fish and Chips” with Craig Coleman & Eric Wendell


Wendell threatens his neighbor with a crowbar.
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Ep. 275 “Children of The Corn”


Stranded in Des Moines, Iowa, Matt calls the boys back in California.
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Ep. 274 “Tragedy Plus Time” with Bryan Erwin


Bryan Erwin calls in to talk about his new movie “Fixed,” only to reveal the stressful event that took place as he wrote it.
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Ep. 273 Murphy’s Law


FCPH_272 “The Spy Who Loved E”


Wendell has a one night stand with a woman he believes to be a spy.
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