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Ep. 285 “Eric is The Man”

over 2 years ago

Wendell goes off.

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Ep. 284 “You Already Did It”


Matt and Craig look at the bright side.
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Ep. 283 “Old Bay Root”


Matt bitches about the use of the word “Literally.”  Wendell says good bye to the Egyptians, and reviews “Beirut.”
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Everyone is at the park except for Craig.
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Matt talks about his week in New York City.  Wendell reviews Baby Driver.
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Matt vents his frustrations from the basement of a comedy condo in Calgary.
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Ep. 278 with Ryan Stout, Brian McDaniel, and Craig Coleman


The boys come by to goof around.
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Ep. 277 “The Return of The Pimp Daddy’s” with Radio Rando & Tim Conlon


Matt and Tim’s band finally get a record deal.  Radio Rando requests some old school classics.
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Ep. 276 “Fish and Chips” with Craig Coleman & Eric Wendell


Wendell threatens his neighbor with a crowbar.
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Ep. 275 “Children of The Corn”


Stranded in Des Moines, Iowa, Matt calls the boys back in California.
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